In-Depth Sector’s Knowledge

Harriman Capital services industry sectors that have attributes favorable to establishing huge and profitable business with multiple exit options and long-term value. The company’s implemented strategies are generally based upon a comprehensive understanding of the business growth strategies, industry’s important trends, main financial drivers and viable acquisition opportunities, and the industry itself. Unique market trends’ regional preferences and sector weighing are typically provided by our senior expert strategists.Harriman Capital offers well-versed equity, credit, strategy and economic research specifically focused on companies, sectors, macro-economic and market trends. Industries that can seek for Harriman Company’s help are Technology, Healthcare, and Financial Services.





Unparalleled expertise and impeccable insight into the dynamic landscape of this industry can be expected. The technology industry is fast growing, with innovation and disruptive technology is taken as the norm. Success business stories are happening in a blink of an eye. Harriman Capital has in-depth knowledge and extensive experience across numerous significant sectors in the Technology industry. The team specifically focuses on the following:

• eCommerce
• Data Services
• Digital Marketing and Media
• AdTech
• Marketing Technology
• Digital Payments
• Mobile
• Traditional and Social Advertising and Marketing Services

Harriman Capital partner investors and companies in the industrial technology are generally creating a connected, more secure, efficient, and sustainable world.





Harriman Capital has been long working with various regional and national providers or outpatient and inpatient services, which primarily give the company experts additional, deep-rooted and extensive industry knowledge. Harriman professionals know the industry player’s dynamics, as well as regulatory and business specialties.

Harriman Capital clients in the healthcare industries range from small private business to the publicly traded firms. Harriman Capital can be your best partner for executing transactions in the healthcare space. Healthcare Team covers the following sectors:

• Biotechnology
• Drug Manufacturers
• Medical Instruments & Supplies
• Medical Laboratories & Research
• Medical Appliances &Equipment
• Health Care Plans






Financial Services

Harriman Capital’s team delivering financial services is well positioned to provide assistance to both private and public companies when it comes to evaluating strategic alternatives considering the team’s unique combination of strong financial industry relation and in-depth industry knowledge.

Financial Services Team covers various sectors including the following:

• Credit services
• Life insurance
• Fintech
• Property & casualty insurance
• Asset management & investment brokerage
• Money center banks