About Us

Company Overview

Harriman Capital is a leading investment bank with a focus on providing strategic advisory services including Technology, Healthcare and Financial Services industries. We provide quality strategic financing advisory and merger and acquisition services to wide range of business and clients. To deliver quality service, the team constantly monitors relevant industry trends, data and valuations within the covered sectors. All while maintaining executive level contacts with market participants as well as active acquires. Through which, we are able to deliver well- informed and timely industry insight. 

In every solution made and services delivered, our team is guided by the client’s needs instead of the demands of the parent organization. Hence, our existing and forthcoming clients are rest-assured to acquire only the services and advice that takes their best interest prior to ours. With such company values, we are able to establish strong and lasting relationships with specialist and clients.

Harriman Capital has established a reputation for providing investment solutions that clients can trust. Over the years, Harriman Capital remains committed to the goal of building industry-leading companies by means of strategic acquisition as well as internal growth.

The pool of clients who are able to benefit from Harriman Capital expertise includes management teams, family-owned and operated businesses, entrepreneurs, publicly held businesses and private equity organizations.




Committed to Providing Quality Client Service

To guarantee client’s total satisfaction, Harriman Capital team collaborates with the client to clearly identify and understand their business needs as well as provide appropriate ideas that can promote business growth and development. In every given task, our team always aims to help clients exploit value through providing excellent service. Through specialising in helping clients in their company’s sale, acquisition, as well as financing, the team is able to focus on delivering top-notch client’s service. With such expertise, our clients are able to save time and minimize disruption to their company’s daily operations. Generally, the team is offering clients with the best possible tools, execution, and advice geared towards success.

In-Depth Sector’s Knowledge

Harriman Capital investment banking team consists of experts in various industries; each has in-depth knowledge and deep relationship with areas including Healthcare, Technology, and Financial Services. Providing in-depth sector expertise and domain knowledge, our professional and seasoned staff can provide dedicated service specifically designed to meet the unique needs and preferences of clients from various industries. To guarantee that client’s interest is taken as the priority, the team of senior professionals engages in every assignment.


Promotes High Sense of Confidentiality

Harriman Capital ensures that sensitive information of every client is never disclosed to anyone aside from authorised one. The amount of information given to prospective investors, sellers, as well as buyers in the early stage of transaction is restricted. To ensure a high level of confidentiality and give clients the confidence to trust and give sensitive information asked by the company, Harriman Capital ensures that interested parties will sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement prior to receiving any sensitive business information.